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anheng lys Labyrint

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60 cm x 57 cm x 31 cm
Labyrint, Rotting
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Møbler typeanheng lys
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Dimensjoner bredde x dybde x høyde60 cm x 57 cm x 31 cm
In DepthPut any room in the spotlight with this stunning organic-shaped Maze lamp from When turned on at night, a hanging lamp is not only fantastic during the day. Because of the weaving, the lamp has lovely light and shadow effects that add fun and excitement to any space. Additionally attractive when combined with the other sizes and shapes of the Maze. All of our lamps from the Maze collection are crafted by hand from rattan. Rattan is a liana or climbing palm that grows up trees and can reach lengths of up to 100 meters. Seventy percent of the rattan species that are currently in existence are found in Indonesia's tropical forests in South East Asia. Parents teach their kids the specialized skills of weaving rattan into baskets, furniture, and lamps. The vintage lamp designs that served as the basis for the Maze lamp collection were given a contemporary twist by our designers. A chic cloth cord and a dark metal ceiling cap finish the appearance. Materials: Natural rattan, electrical cloth cord, standard fitting, and metal ceiling cap. Maintenance: Typically, no maintenance is needed other than dusting the shade every so often. Additional details: The lamp's cord is 200 cm long; the fitting is a type E27; the maximum wattage for the light bulb is 60; and the light bulbs are not included.
Labyrint anheng lys, Rotting anheng lys
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