pendelleuchte Verdrahtete Runde

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35 cm x 35 cm x 35 cm
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Verdrahtete Runde
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Möbel TypPendelleuchte
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DesignVerdrahtete Runde
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Größe bxtxh35 cm x 35 cm x 35 cm
In DepthYou can purchase this circular hanging light from It looks industrial in your interior and is made of metal. There is just one socket on the lamp. Pair the lamp with a carbon lamp for a stunning modern appearance. The other lamps in this collection work beautifully with this industrial lamp, which is gorgeous on its own. These metal tube lamps are a creation of ours. imitating successful designs while utilizing a different material. Their gun-metal finish allows them to blend in with the industrial aesthetic. Maintenance: Generally speaking, only occasional dusting of the shade is required. The lamp's 200-cm cord is additional information. The fitting is of the E27 variety. The bulb can only use up to 60 Watts at a time. The light bulbs are not included. Wiring is done in Amsterdam in compliance with EU regulations. Â .
Verdrahtete Runde Pendelleuchte Pendelleuchte
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