vedhæng Suave

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45 cm x 45 cm x 40 cm
Suave, Fløjl, rattan
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Möbler typvedhæng
MaterialeFløjl, rattan
Mærkefurnfurn ©
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Dimensioner bredde x dybde x højde45 cm x 45 cm x 40 cm
In DepthThis rattan and velvet lamp is a part of our Suave line and is available from furnfurn.com. It has a single velvet ring and is shaped like a circus tent. A yellow version of this lamp is additionally offered. Both by itself and when combined with other lamps from this collection, the Suave lamp looks stunning. In the sunlight, the lavish velvet lamps look beautiful. And a real attention-getter at night, when the rattan weaving diffuses the light and makes a pretty pattern on the wall and ceiling. Each and every one of our Suave lamps is individually made by hand from rattan and velvet. The 100-meter-long rattan liana or climbing palm grows with the assistance of trees. Currently recognized rattan species can be found in the tropical forests of South East Asia, primarily in Indonesia, where they make up 70% of the world's rattan species. Specialized knowledge is passed down from parents to children when it comes to weaving rattan into baskets, furniture, and lamps. Our designers gave the vintage lamp designs that served as the Suave collection's inspiration a contemporary, vibrant makeover. The premium velvet and natural rattan used to make each of our Suave lamps are handcrafted one at a time. A chic cloth cord and a black metal ceiling cap complete the look of the hang lamps. Materials include natural rattan, standard fittings, metal ceiling caps, and electrical cloth cord. Typically, dusting the shade from time to time is the only upkeep needed. The lamp's 200-cm E27 cord and maximum 60-watt bulb are additional details.
Suave vedhæng, Fløjl, rattan vedhæng
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